Heavy Cardboard Episode 64

Heavy Cardboard has mentioned our game Incorporated in their episode 64 (Jan. 2017).  Here is the link of the brief. Incorporated starts at 38:48

Learn How To Setup & Play Incorporated (Rules School) with the Game Boy Geek

A video on how to play Incorporated by the Game Boy Geek - Dan King.

"It isn't personal. It's business." by Antonios S

Antonios S has reviewed our game Incorporated in rpg.net. Here is the link for the review.

Incorporated second print out

Incorporated Second Edition Print is released with a limited time offer of free-shipping (if ordered through this website).

After the limited first edition print was sold out during Essen 2016, we have been working overtime to get the second print out. Finally, we have been able to deliver the first copies to those who have pre-ordered the game through Amazon and other channels.

The new print offers new and improved component quality based on the feedback of first edition buyers, and inherently supports the 2 player ruleset. Bear in mind that, as promised,  the first edition owners can contact us in order to get the part of the components that are updated free of charge (except for shipping costs).

Incorporated teaser available now

Greedy multi-national corporations hell-bent on taking over the world’s limited resources.

We were at Essen Spiel 2016

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