Inclusive Early Childhood Education (for CwD)


Inclusive Early Childhood Education for Childs with Disabilities Project aims to contribute to the participation of children with disabilities in social life through quality inclusive education from early childhood to the end of 1st grade, and to ensure their long-term employment and access to economic and social life..

In the scope of this project:

  • Cognitive, emotional and social development of all children in inclusive education will be improved.
  • The awareness of the families and carers of children with disabilities (ages 3 to 7) about the inclusive educational rights, opportunities and the importance of school-family cooperation will be increased.
  • Raising awareness and support of decision-makers, families and caregivers of non-disabled children on the right to quality inclusive education of children with disabilities will be achieved.
  • Teachers will be provided with the knowledge and skills to provide quality inclusive education for all children (ages 3-7).