Social Cohesion Programme

Supported by Unicef Turkey and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, this is an educational project for refugee children.

With this training module, children can overcome the problems they face, improve their life skills, minimize social cohesion problems, raise awareness about the risks and resources in the society they live in, and ensure mutual understanding and tolerance among cultures.





In addition to its main module, our company has also designed 3 mini-games for educational purposes::

Tasvir (Depiction)

This is a mini-game that aims to improve the communication skills of refugee children, in which they try to describe certain locations without speaking (according to the instructions on the card drawn, for example by singing).

Gelenek (Tradition)

This is a mini game with the theme of collecting cultural cards, aiming to teach Syrian children the Turkish cultural values and Turkish children the cultural values of Syria, emphasizing how much they have in common as a result..

Hazar (Peacetime)

This is a mini-game based on agreement and dialogue, aiming to teach the children the scientific behavior patterns to the children by gamification (shark aggressive, turtle isolationist, fox mediator, etc.), aiming to teach the problems to be solved by friendship and mutual dialogue..