Our games are designed from scratch with completely original and purpose-specific mechanics.

We don't just copy a well-known game with new graphic theme and small changes! We design from scratch an original product with completely genuine mechanics which you can use for years and exhibit proudly.


The goal of the game, the duration, the level of detail, the target audience, the exact details that you want to take part in the game are all designed specifically for each project.

"For children at elementary school ..."
"Will take no more than 30 minutes ..."
"Encouraging the cooperation between the players ..."
... and every detail you desire will be tailored to you.


Our international award-winning gamification techniques aim to broaden the horizons in the field of education with its innovative perspective.

As one of the leading institutions that use this innovative and interactive method, you can step away from classical education and touch young generations and win international awards.

References and Awards


Educational Game

Orientation for beginners,
Ability tests for executive candidates,
Board games for children to promote a certain value, 
and all kinds of educational games.


Team Activities - Simulation Games

Design and organization of games or simulations for the short-term institutional activities in the theme you want (Communication, Teamwork, Crisis Management, Logic, Mathematics, Children Activities, etc.)

Promotional Products

Produced to distribute to customers, dealers, employees, schools, municipalities, etc., board games and all kinds of other products for promotional purposes.